Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Measuring progress & fun new swap!

Little by little I'm making progress on the scrappy triangles quilt. I've had some requests to see a picture of the entire quilt back so here it is. 
May Faith Circle Quilt Back
It's quite bright and I hope cheerful! I bought the butterfly fabric because butterflies are the symbol for Restore Innocence. I knew I'd like to try my hand at some improve piecing so I bought 1.5 yards of the butterfly print and added additional fabrics from my stash. I'm hoping the finished product comes across as modern and fun. 


In case you are wondering I ended up using spray basting. It's just so quick! I had the backing, batting, and top laid out and basted up in about 30-40 fast! When the weather is nice I spray baste outside on our deck. I sweep it off well and then have a nice large area to work on. 

Free Motion Quilting on a home machine

Before I started quilting I did a quick refresher on free motion quilting using a home machine since I've not done it in a while. I really like this great tutorial posted by Oh FranssonIt's a learning process to quilt on my home machine. I have a Janome DC3018 sewing machine and I really like it. It's not one of the large Janome machines which makes it a bit of a challenge during the quilting process because the harp opening is quite small (just 4.5" x 6.5".) This causes a lot of "stuffing" when trying to move the quilt around while meandering/stippling. 

Quilting close-up
It's hard to post this close-up picture because the "oops" areas are glaring out at me. As you can see it's not perfect, but hopefully the young lady who receives this quilt will know it was made with love and that things in life are rarely perfect. Just a few more quilting sessions and I should have this quilt all ready to bind!
Fat Quarter Blender Swap
I'll leave you with this announcement...there's a fun new swap if you're interested! flickr member, Rockislander, is putting together a Fat Quarter Blender Swap.  Requirements are basically to have a flickr account and agree to the swap rules.  All of the details can be found here


  1. Your quilt looks beautiful! Very fresh and modern. :) And your quilting is lovely, I see no mistakes at all.

    Thanks for linking to my swap!


  2. The quilt is looking great! :-)

  3. You are doing great on your quilting. I've two I need to do and it's not my most favorite thing to do!!
    I do like your new blog!

  4. I'm so happy you invited me! This is a lovely blog - and your quilting is, as always, so wonderful. The butterfly thing is soooo now. Check out my blog for my own nod to them - actually just gave a way a secret there! :)

    Just super Debbie!

  5. oh the quilt is looking terrific. And I understand the 'stuffing' - my throat is a bit larger, but still - that's the hard work of machine quilting. Good job on the back too - modern and fun!

  6. p.s. off to spray baste our June quilt!

  7. So great, that I can read more about you, my flickr- friend :))))

  8. I think it turned out beautiful! And I have the same "oops" spots in mine too. I think it makes it more personal... that a human being made it and not a machine. At least that's what I keep telling myself. :)

  9. Your quilt back could easily be the front. I love this quilt! Your quilting looks wonderful. I know how hard it is to handle that bulk in a small harp space. Well done!


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