Saturday, August 31, 2013

Planning a Sampler

This Fall I enrolled in The Penny Sampler online class taught by the talented Rachel of Stitched in Color. The main class project is a beautifully designed Scandinavian sampler quilt which Rachel named, "The Penny Sampler." The class focuses on developing skills in three areas:
  • machine applique
  • precise piecing
  • machine paper piecing
Rachel teaches these skills through mini stand-alone projects. The first skill we are working on is machine applique with various techniques to choose from. 

Dogwood Blossom~practice project
I chose to try the stitch and flip method to create my dogwood petals and then use sketch stitch applique to attach them to my quilted-in-advance background fabric. I seem to be on a grid-quilting roll lately...really like the look of it. It is super fun to sketch stitch! I think I've found something I will continue to enjoy and will add variety to my quilting skills :o) I ended up using my darning foot and free-motion quilting for the sketch stitching. I love the "slightly" messy look of freeing! (Note: this is a stand along project...not part of the Penny Sampler quilt top. It can be used as the front of a pillow, although I may just set this aside for now and try making a quilt-as-you-go mini medallion quilt with it.)

I used three online color palette builders to help me select the colors for my Penny Sampler quilt top. The photo I used for my inspiration is not mine so I'll not post it for public viewing. However, I will show you the rich, beautiful colors that resulted from it!

Fabric Pull!
I am really loving these colors! Deep, dark chocolate browns, teal (this word does not even need any's super all by itself!) rich eggplant purples blending into lively magenta's, mustard yellows, and creamy neutrals. Sounds good enough to eat!

Rachel provided us with a black-line master of the quilt top so we can color it in to help balance out the use of color across the quilt.

Sketching out plans
Clearly I need more depth to the variety of shades in my colored pencils :o) I just have basic colors so the shades don't match up too well with my fabrics, but I do get an idea where I want to put my main colors. 

This is going to be a fun Fall! Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend~I'm off to work on my next class assignments :o)


  1. That is a beautiful fabric stack. Your applique is lovely too.

  2. I must say you have a great start with the fabric pull. Looks very fun.

  3. Love it! Too much going on to start a new project. But I'll so enjoy seeing this take shape.

  4. Love love that fabric stack.
    I love your fabric choices in the first photo too.

  5. How fun for you! Beautiful stack of fabrics!

  6. Debbie, September is the perfect time to go buy new coloured pencils, with all those back to school sales... go treat yourself! On another note, I agree that the stack of fabric looks delicious. Have fun working on the sampler!

  7. Wow, fabulous bundle. I love the blue shades - looking forward to seeing your quilt!

  8. I adore that background fabric on the dogwood blossom!

  9. I'm also doing the Penny Sampler quilt. Love the way you've done your homework so thoroughly about colour placement and fabric choice. I wasn't quite so thorough and have so far remade one block, changing the colour choice. No doubt I will redo some more. Some blocks are not made yet as I'm having an argument (with myself hee hee) about which fabric/colours to use. Loving all the pics that are coming up on the Flickr Group too.


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