Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Reflections

One thing I especially love about being a teacher is the cyclical pattern of the years. It appeals to me to have starting, pausing, and stopping points. It is exciting to begin each new school year with all it's potential stretching out before me. There are long-standing holidays and breaks throughout the year I anticipate and enjoy. Finally, comes the end of the school year with the prospect of summer fun and relaxation. Students are not the only ones who enjoy this pattern of life. Looking back over the past couple of months I've enjoyed working on several projects during the summer break.

Modern Chevron Baby Quilt

The first project of summer was this Modern Chevron baby quilt for my great-nephew {pattern by Rashida Coleman-Hale}.This pattern is such a fun twist to zig-zag quilts. I used straight line quilting in the solid white areas and left the colored fabric unquilted to make a nice soft quilt. 

Pinwheels Baby Quilt

Next, I made this pinwheel baby quilt as a silent auction donation to benefit a children's charity through my professional teaching organization. I made these pinwheels with squares of fabric left over from the Modern Chevron quilt shown above. I have to admit that I am really smitten with this quilt...pinwheels are just so classic. I am thrilled that it raised $150 for the charity :o)

Yellow Ribbon Quilt

Woven ribbons is a quilt to symbolize that none of us stand alone. Our lives are intricately woven together with those we love. This yellow ribbon quilt is for my dear friends who are separated by a military deployment for the next year. {pattern by Melissa @

African Flower Coin Purses~Finished

I'd been seeing the sweetest quilted frame purses on flickr and fell in love with their charm. When I found frames at my local JoAnn's store I thought the shape and size would be a perfect fit for crocheted African FlowersCrochet has always been a great love of mine. It is so soothing to sit with yarn and quietly crochet. These two little purses made sweet little gifts for a meet up with college friends.

Faith Circle of do. Good Stitches

Once all of the scrappy triangle blocks arrived from my bee mates in the Faith Circle of do. Good Stitches I set about putting them together into the quilt top. It needed to be a bit longer so I requested input from friends. Melissa, our bee leader, suggested the wonderful staggered squares for the top and bottom borders. I am so pleased with how this quilt turned out! We make our quilts for Restore Innocence. {scrappy triangle block by Ashley of}

Divided Basket :o)

Towards the end of summer I started working on this divided basket for my dear friend. This is the perfect project to use fun fabrics! I thought the subtle apple print on the front pocket fabric would be the perfect background for grid quilting with red thread. I was so happy to find just the right project to use the Meadowsweet polka dots (lining) that has been in my stash. {pattern by Anna of Noodlehead}


Using fabric scraps from the basket I made up four little coasters to tuck inside along with some fun apple treats ;o) {apple design by Charise of Charise Creates

Lanyard   Quilt Fabric = Perfection!

Finally, just in time for the start of a new school year I made myself a new lanyard. After  contemplating my fabric for quite a while I decided that Mama Said Sew would be the perfect choice...a great way to share a little about who I fun!! I am super thrilled with how this turned out ;o)

It's nice to look back and see finished projects! I also have quite a few additional starts and a whole stack of work-in-progress. Enough to keep me busy through the fall and winter :o) How about you? I'd love to hear about what you worked on this summer...maybe what was your favorite finish? 


  1. Wow, you must be so pleased with your summer efforts. Those are all wonderful projects. Hard to pick a favourite, but I'll have to go with the pinwheels and scrappy triangles. And the woven ribbons are so sweet too. I have been thinking about making a quilt for a silent auction, and am a bit nervous. What if the bids are ridiculously low? You must be pleased with the money it raised.

  2. You have been super productive and all so beautiful!! Your quilting is so pretty! I love the divided basket. That was such a fun pattern. I think I would like to try your African Flower pouch. That is very appealing!

  3. Gosh you have a wonderful collection of finished projects. I hope I can be as productive over summer here. Sadly I don't think it will happen!
    I love the squares borders you added to the triangle quilt, a brilliant idea. The woven ribbons quilt is very pretty and a lovely sentiment.
    I can't believe you are a great-aunt!

  4. Wow, you made some great projects this summer! It must feel good to have accomplished so much. That pinwheel quilt is so sweet! :)

  5. Gosh you've been busy. Such cute projects! I love the basket so much.

  6. My, you have been busy! What a productive summer. I love the variety of projects you've worked on. All beautiful!

    I miss the start & finish of school & seasons even though it has been a long time since I was in school. The days seem to blend from one to another any more.

  7. You have sure made beautiful things this summer. I especially like the quilt with the triangles.

  8. Wow, what a nice look back! I don't remember seeing the crocheted purses before - very sweet!!


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