Thursday, February 13, 2014


Do you ever marvel at the clever creations found all around us? It can be seen everywhere. For example, here is a fabulous succulent wreath from the Christmas display at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. This wreath is so amazing because of the the precise placement of texture and clever!

#longwoodgardens Succulent wreath

Debbie of A Quilters Table is the host for the February Faith Circle quilt. She selected the Vice Versa block by Gen X Quilters. This block design is just so clever! I love it :o) Here are the two I made for our bee quilt:

vice versa block

I look at things like this and I did AnneMarie think of this? Was it a sudden inspiration or did she ponder, sketch, cross out, and finally arrive at this Vice Versa block? She says blocks for this series were studied for positive and negative space and the inverse relationship that can be created. Clever, clever, clever. 

In one of my previous posts I mentioned my desire to someday be a designer. I've tried a bit of designing while crocheting socks. I've combined toe, heel and cuff construction from various patterns, and used my favorite stitches for the foot and ankle/leg sections to make these socks. 

New Socks :o)
Socks I made for me :o)
Mean Green Hunting Socks
Socks made for my brother-in-law :o)
It's been fun (and at times frustrating) and takes me quite a while to get a finished product that actually fits. I find that one of the hardest parts of the design process is writing down what I did so I can actually replicate it again. I might call this mish-mash of sock parts a kind of franken-pattern for socks (taking from several different sources), but is it clever? I don't know. 

Back in the fall I started sketching out some ideas for my own quilt block design and then creating layout options for it. I've found that it take time, and it takes quiet. One of my layout options is pretty straight-forward and what might be expected of the block, but dare I say it...I think my second layout option just might be clever :o) It will be fun to make up these quilts and see just where they stand. 

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures from the huge snowstorm we had today. I just love snow and never tire of the beauty and wonder it creates in the world. Enjoy!

February snowstorm

February Snow


  1. Love the blocks you made for our quilt! Glad you enjoyed the pattern. And RE: your designs...I have similar thoughts....we'll see where they take us, huh? ;-)

  2. Lovely socks and I ´ve seen some vice versa blocks this week already, they are great!

  3. In answer to your question about whether your mish-mash of patterns in socks is clever.....yes! I think any time we can combine patterns to create something totally unique is clever. I rarely leave a pattern alone....I'm always revising. That's such a beautiful wreath, and so are the new blocks :)

  4. It sure is pretty where you live, enjoy the snow. I love your socks and the wreath is fantastic. I do hope you make some patterns.


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