Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Goal - A Lovely Year of Finishes

It's time to set my March goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes (ALYoF). Ha! What I really need to set as my goal is completion of our state and federal tax returns...but somehow I don't think it would be very interesting, or wise, to post pictures of that on line :o)

Following my pattern for both January and February my goal this month comes from my work-in-process pile. This is another one I am super excited to get finished!

Nested Bear Paw
I don't really know that this has an official name, but I'm going to call it Nested Bear Paws.
About three years ago we fulfilled one of my husband's life dreams and purchased land on the side of a mountain...Bear Garden Mountain. I thought it would be really great to have a bear paw wall hanging to put in our home...once we build it. When we came home from our real estate closing I started doing a Google search for bear paw quilts. 

Nested Bear Paws

In addition to machine quilting I love to do hand work. Several years ago I started making wool felt penny mats (sometimes called rugs). I dug though my supply of wool and selected the berry and cream felt for the paws and a herringbone weave for the background. I used old file folders to draft a pattern and got out my perle No. 8 cotton to begin blanket stitching. After that first initial burst of excitement it got pushed aside for more pressing projects. 

This seems like the perfect time to pull this out and get it finished. It will actually serve another purpose, as well. In Handworks Club (at school) we told all the girls they now need to select a long-term project to work on for the remainder of the school year. In June we will feature all of their work in a display case by the front office. Since much of my club time is spent trouble-shooting issues for the girls I need my own project to be something that doesn't requiring a great deal of concentration. So blanket stitching bear paws to wool will be perfect!

Bear Paw Wool Wall Hanging

This is what the final layout will look like...I just love the nested bear paws! I'm not sure whether there will be additional boarders of not.  I do believe at some point in time I will tackle this design as a giant quilt block!

Linking up the the March ALYoF Goal Setting Party! Mine is Entry No. 104. Jump over there and have a look at all of the great projects going on...you're sure to find something to inspire you :o)

Happy stitching!


  1. Bear's Paw is one of my very favorite quilt blocks. And, wool applique is a new passion, since I needed more craft distractions in my life. lol. Your colors, paw nested in a paw, and banner are all so wonderful. I hop you don't mind sharing the idea. And it would make a great large, modern quilt, too. Awesome.

    Your life sounds similar to mine in that we bought land 3 years ago and are now building our dream home. In Idaho County we can even live in our home as we build, so we moved in as soon as it was dried in. Love it! Not for everyone, but you are building your dream, and it will be just how you want it. Yay!

    Looking forward to seeing your finish. Hugs from the Rocky Mountains of central Idaho.

  2. I love your version of the Bear Paw block!! And I am firm lover of red & white. My husband also wants to buy some land... maybe for our retirement?

  3. This will be such a meaningful addition to your home. I love the look of wool, as well as the feel of it during the creation process. Beautiful colors and stitching, too!

  4. Love your double design, keep on sticking and trouble shooting :)


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