Sunday, October 19, 2014

Just in Time

{Way} back when I was in college I majored in business administration. This major required classes in economics, and I have to say they were probably my least favorite classes. It has surprised me, in my adult life, how much economics really does apply...and not just to money, but to many different aspects of life. 

One economic principle is that of "Just in Time." In college we were applying that to inventory and the laws of supply and demand...not stock piling inventory, but purchasing it just in time to be used. Boring to a young college co-ed, but important to the cash flow of a company. 

I find that as I live and work "just in time" is happening all the time. At school we train our teachers "just in time" for the technology they will be using with students. At home I cook dinner "just in time" for family to arrive home and eat it. Cleaning the house happens "just in time" for a guest to arrive {bad, I know!} Even crafting pursuits happen "just in time" for a gift that needs to be given. Sometimes all of this "just in time" drives me crazy. 

If I am honest with myself I can see how I cause a lot of my own "just in time" issues by how I choose to spend my time. At some point earlier in the year I made the decision that my sewing was getting a bit out of hand. In an attempt to keep up with the ebb and flow of the online quilting community I was starting to loose meaning in the things I was spending my time working on. Many projects were being started, but few were actually getting finished. Each new start made past unfinished projects a bit less precious and desirable to finish. 

With this knowledge under my belt I resolve to be more intentional about what I work on and not get drawn into beginning projects that have little real purpose to me personally. I'm finding joy in cheering other on from the sidelines, but not feeling compelled to always join in. Now I will say that occasionally a bit of impulse is a good thing, because it does help to keep creativity flowing ~ at least for me.

Wow! If you're still reading at this point thank you for listening :o)

I will share my latest "just in time" finish...but, I'm happy to say that I started these socks back in June in order to enjoy every step of the process while crocheting them. I did just get them finished this morning "just in time" for a delightfully cool autumn day :o)


I realize these are just plain, utilitarian socks, but I am oh-so-happy to have them finished! They turned out exactly as I hoped they would: cozy and soft :o)

The yarn is Patons Kroy Socks FX in Cascade Colors. The design is a hodgepodge of patterns: 
  • the toe area comes from Patons Women's Twisting Lace Socks
  • the heel & cuff areas comes from Patons Kroy Toe Up Socks
  • the foot and ankle are my design (just simple half/double crochet stitch)
I've wanted to make myself a pair of these ever since I made socks for my brother-in-law last year. My yarn is a bit more chunky than what I used for his, but I'm liking them :o)

How about you? Do you live a whole lot of life "just in time," or have you learned to master your schedule and live a bit more intentionally?


  1. Some areas I manage fairly well and other areas are a disaster zone! Why is that? :) My UFO's are one area that is out of control. But I am trying to figure out a way to manage that. I think I need prayer & an intervention. Ha!

  2. I need to apply a bit more "just in time" to my quilting approach although I do enjoy cheering on without participating and am trying to be better about not joining in. When I really get the urge and dive in head first are the projects that I find the most fulfilling even if they happen to be impulsive. Enjoy your cozy socks!

  3. For me there are two types of "just in time": a relaxed one where everything is under controll and the stressful (not so good) one. Guess the balance makes it work! Great socks by the way! Crochet socks are next on my list :-)

  4. Great post, Debbie! Your question is one that could take days to answer. I am doing more and more thinking about how I chose to spend my time. Is it necessary? Does it bring me joy? Does it make me grow? Is it good for my kids / family? Should I be sleeping instead? Notice how I try not to ask myself Do I have time? Can I manage this? Can I squeeze this in? Of course, I don't always practice what I preach, but these are could things to think about when I get the urge to start a new project - crafty or not. I love your socks, they look so nice and cosy!

  5. I loved this post, Debbie! And yes, I read all of it :) So much I can relate to, as I tend to manage my time as you do. I remember when you made your brother-in-law's socks, and I've been intending to try this pattern ever since. Your socks turned out perfect, the striping looks wonderful. I just had to forward this post to a knitting friend who makes more socks than anyone I know.

  6. Excellent post Debbie. So, it's not just me that has decided to be more meaningful with my quilting rather than to race to make something new each week. Its so much more satisfying to be content with working on a current project than to be worrying about a list that is too long and has no chance of ever being finished.
    I love your crochet socks, if only it was ever cold enough hear to warrant making a pair, sigh!


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