Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

About a month ago I posted this picture on Instagram of blocks hanging on my design wall. These blocks belong to a quilt project named The Random Sampler. It was a quilt-along begun by my friend Anita from Bloomin' Workshop. Several of us started these blocks back in 2012 and to my knowledge only Lotje ended up with a finished quilt.

Random Sampler~Progress Shot
Random Sampler quilt blocks

Anita suggested we all pull our blocks back out in March and cheer each other on to a finish - effectively throwing out the challenge to the rest of us slackers :o) Now I have to admit, I love working on blocks for this quilt because I can toss in anything and everything I feel like making. And, this is a quilt I am making for myself so there is no right or wrong. Funny - We don't have any quilts I've made, except for a few small wall hangings, so this will be the first large-ish quilt I'd finish for our home. There are two other unfinished quilts that are also supposed to be for us. Seems the only quilts I manage to finish are those intended for others.

As much as I'd love to dive in and work on my Random Sampler I've got two projects I should finish first. I've been so good at working my way through the To Do list I wrote up some time last summer and I'm down to just the two quilts. Here they are:

Social Climber is another Faith Circle quilt destined to be sent to Restore Innocence. This quilt is pin basted and ready for quilting. As of yet I have not decided how to quilt it...any suggestions are most welcome! Feel free to leave them in the comments. 

Faith Circle Social Climber - pin basted
Social Climber ~ A Faith Circle Quilt

Then, I'm on a tight schedule to finish up my Mixed Flock quilt for a local show coming up in mid-April. I don't think I've introduced the Mixed Flock top on the blog...this is my original design using the Dashing Geese block I created for QuiltMakers 100 Blocks magazine, Volume 9. However, Mixed Flock puts a completely different spin on the block by mixing up the color placement. 

Mixed Flock - progress shot
Mixed Flock - progress shot

I'm hoping you can see four large, bright "interpretive" stars, and one gray star, too. In a way I think Mixed Flock has a bit of a Southwestern look to it. I'm in the process of piecing the outer borders to finish the quilt top. Here's a sketch to show where I'm heading with the final design:

Mixed Flock - the plan
Mixed Flock - the plan

So, the question is, "Will I be picking up the Random Sampler gauntlet?" Many times what I should do, and what I end up doing, are two different things...we'll see how the month of March plays out :o) 

What would you do?


  1. Agreed. You probably should finish up the other two. Which are gorgeous, by the way! What if you make yourself a challenge goal. For every 1 hour of machine quilting, you can make a block for the Random Sampler. Kill two birds with one stone.

    As for quilting suggestions, I have none. Most of my Do.Good.Stitches are straight-line quilted because it is fast and easy. Right now I'm free-motion quilting a small baby-sized quilt and it is crap. Well, it would be okay if it was just for me. But it's not. And I have higher expectations for other quilts. It's too small to warrant paying someone to quilt it, but I'm afraid I'm not doing it the justice it deserves.

    Here's to a productive March no matter what you choose to work on. :)

  2. I like Anita's idea, even if you don't quite finish your Random Sampler in March, you'll get it done. I'm counting on you to work on it...after all, seeing yours in Instagram is what prompted me to dig mine out :) Those are both lovely quilt tops. I'm a big fan of straight line quilting and in particular close together horizontal or vertical rows. Then I have no thread ends to bury, and it's always a great finish. Hope to see you 'round the RS cutting table!

  3. I love, love , love your Mixed Flock. great color placement and I like where you're going with the grey frame. I'm not one to give advise about what to work on since I tend to plan and hope then get all jazzed up and redirect.


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