Monday, March 23, 2015

Random Sampler & Other Progress

Hooray! I've made progress on my Random Sampler! Going with the idea to build one section at a time I took inventory of the blocks I've already made and began grouping them into a section. Then, I worked to fill in the holes. Here's what it looks like so far:

Random Sampler section one

The top row features a squash blossom, an applique branch, maple leaf cluster, and several flying geese blocks. The second row includes a basket, a wheel, Rocky Mountain Puzzle*, and finally Duck Tracks*. (Patterns for these last two blocks can be found on Quilters Cache.) This section measures 20" x 32". Due to the odd size of the maple leaf cluster I added a strip of fabric to the left side of the squash blossom block to bring the string of blocks up to the correct length. 

I'm so happy to have made a bit of progress on this quilt! Now I have to discipline myself and return to two quilts in the process of be quilted. One is the Social Climber quilt from the Faith Circle, and the other is my Mixed Flock quilt for the local show. I've made good progress on the Social Climber quilt and it shouldn't take too much longer to have it finished. 

Mixed Flock has me wondering how best to quilt it. To try out some possibilities I took a picture of the quilt top and lightened it up on the computer. Then when I print it out I used a pencil to draw out quilting ideas. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Quilting ideas

I need to stick with straight line quilting because I don't think my free-motion is where I want people giving it close inspection. I still have not figured out how to quilt the colored stars. I'm hoping that as I begin working on it additional inspiration will come. 

Finally, perhaps the most exciting progress!! On Saturday we met with a log home builder and walked over our land to select a house site! We gave him the plans we'd put together and now have to wait for a quote to come back. We'll see what comes of this once we have some solid numbers. That patch of woods up there in my blog header just may have a house on it!  For now, I need to hold myself in check and not get too that's possible :o)

Happy quilting! 


  1. Great progress on your Random Sampler! I have ideas for mine but think I need to stop just making blocks and get them organized as you're doing. Then I can fill in the blank spaces. I like the quilting plan for Mixed suits your pattern, and I'm a big fan of straight line quilting.
    Congrats on meeting with the builder, that's the big first step! What an exciting time in your lives :)

  2. I like the layout you have used for your blocks. That's a great way to plan how you are going to quilt a quilt. I need to try that.
    Fantastic news about your house plan, so exciting.

  3. Exciting progress all around! My hubby would love to build a cabin. Maybe one day...

  4. This is looking great, Debbie! My favorite block is the one in the upper left corner. Exciting news about the log cabin. I hope that you can move ahead with your plans soon!

  5. I like seeing how you plan to quilt Mixed Flock. I've seen some stunning straight-line quilting designs, so I know you can make this look fabulous. I have two quilts pin-basted and awaiting quilting, so I know how you feel about those to-dos. It's exciting to think of building a house. Have you done that before? We did it once, and won't again. We quickly learned that you need to have tens of thousands of extra dollars tucked away (unknown by the contractor) "just in case." As much as one plans, unexpected costs arise. I hope all this goes really smoothly for you!


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