Thursday, April 7, 2016

Planning to use the precious

Precious: (of an object, substance, or resource) of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly. Google definitions.

Almost any quilter you talk to will admit to having some precious fabric in their stash...fabric they like so much that for some reason holding on to it makes more sense than using it. I, myself, have five collections of fabric that most probably fall into this classification: 
I'm excited to have a project I can't wait to get started on which will use my Kate Spain In From the Cold Christmas fabrics! Here are the fabrics I have from this line:

In From the Cold by Kate Spain

On the Moda Website is a collection of patterns for placemats, a table runner, and a gift bag featuring this sweet fabric line. I'm going to use the patterns for the little mugs of steaming beverages to make placemats of my own design, coasters, and possibly napkins to use for an upcoming bridal shower gift.

I can use other fabrics from my stash to round out the assortment. Here are some fabrics I pulled that I think will work:

Fabrics pulled from my stash

Wow it feels good to plan on using some of my precious fabric! I can't wait to get started...stand by for cute pictures :o)


  1. I Agree, The Kate Spain Fabric Is Precious. I Bought Some Of The Mitten Print And Have Used It Judiciously In Several Christmas Projects.

  2. These are some good fabric groups to hoard, and I love adding from my stash, too. Your stash additions look perfect. I'm also starting to use my treasured fabrics so I can enjoy them...makes no sense to only gaze at them on the shelf!

  3. Sounds very fun and good for you for using the precious!


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