Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pulling out an old friend

Do you remember this medallion quilt? I started it six years ago with thoughts of having it finished in time for our 25th wedding anniversary. 

It seemed like the perfect quilt to make because it married my interest in quilting with my husbands interest in the Civil War. Now here we are two short weeks away from our 30th anniversary and this quilt is still not finished. 

I still love the cozy use-me-everyday look of this quilt, and it has taught me so much about piecing. I really would like to get it finished. 

In October my local quilt club is holding an all day sew-in. This seems like the perfect opportunity to work on repetitive piecing, so I thought I'd pull this quilt out and get all the facric cut for the next couple borders - that way I can spend the day at the retreat sewing -  and ironing :)

I'd love to hear about a project you've had in the works for a long time, but still want to finish. 


  1. Lovely quilt, you should indeed try to finish it in time for your 25th Anniversary!
    I have so many projects that I want to finish, I suggest you take a seat :-) There’s the Camelot quilt, the Pockets of Posies quilt, the Stonefields quilt, the Farmer’s Wife quilt from 1920, Woof the dog quilt, my Tesselations II quilt... and even more! I feel kind of embarrased, I’m considering to donate some quilt-tops, so other people can finish them and keep them...

  2. Wow, Debbie, this is gorgeous! What a great idea to take it To the sew in. I have a long list of quilts I have wanted to finish up but I have a really busy school year creating a couple of courses so I just keep thinking about how excited I will be at the end of this school year to get back to my quilts! :)

  3. It's a spectacular quilt. I really love it and I think you'd use it so much I know I would! I have a number of unfinished tops mostly finished tops and completely finished tops that just need quilting. I need to get myself in gear!

  4. That's a beautiful top and deserves to be finished! Unfortunately, I have too many almost finished quilts to count!

  5. This quilt top is looking amazing. Can't wait to see it all finished.


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