Sunday, October 30, 2016

Time to retire the tomato

I've never been big on pin cushions. I know some quilters make them, swap them, and collect them. Nope, that's just never been me. In fact, I've had the same humble tomato pin cushion given to me by my grandmother 30+ years ago when she gave me a sewing machine. It's one of those tomatoes that had a strawberry on a string that was used to sharpen pins. Well, the strawberry is long gone, but the tomato has endured.

My tomato pin cushion 

Actually, I don't even use a pin cushion as I'm sewing. Once I start pulling pins and using them I switch to a little magnetic platform that came from a museum gift shop as part of a toy. I really like to use this while I sew because I can just drop the pins on it and don't have to be concerned with sticking them into a pin cushion. However, I don't think it's a good idea to store my pins on this platform because it's too easy for them to get brushed off accidently.

do. Good Stitches~Faith Circle~October Blocks
Handy little magnetic platform

Yesterday, my local quilt club had a sew-in day. One of the ladies who attended brought a few small items she had made to give away. She had an assortment of adorable chicken pin cushions...I couldn't resist :o)

I love the sweet fabrics :o)

Check out that crazy hair!

Complete with a sassy tail!

Can you blame me for retiring the tomato? I do believe a chicken pin cushion this cute needs a name, don't you...any ideas?